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    NEW: 3 innocent bystanders shot during a gas station shootout in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m sure these are all legally obtained guns. According to police, two “groups” of people started shooting at each other in the parking lot. None of the people who were shot had any connection…

    SCOTUS Questions Biden DOJ Charges Against J6ers, We Are WINNING

    Mainstream Media Coverage Of Illegal Migrants Boat Landing In Carlsbad California – It was organized – 22 military age men jumped out and ran to a SUV that was waiting for them on the street…

    Tucker: Why do the reddest states produce the dumbest, most liberal Republicans?

    BAM! O’Keefe Media Uncovers who is really running the White House.

    GOP Voter Registration SURGES in Swing States

    Mike Davis: The NY Judge’s Daughter Has Raised $100M Using President Trump’s Bogus Criminal Trial

    Mike Davis On Biden Involvement In Lawfare Against President Trump

    Everything about this case is absurd – Jonathan Turley

    Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch nukes Joe Biden’s DOJ over January 6th sentences: Gorsuch lists multiple cases of folks who “obstructed a Congressional proceeding” without receiving a 20 year sentence.

    Every Vax-Injured Person Needs to See This: Recovery Insights from Dr. Peter McCullough “If we don’t address the spike protein, it’s not going to get better.” Dr. McCullough recommends three key substances for those seeking recovery after the shots.

    Senator Hawley grilled the US Secretary of Energy Granholm on lying and lying

    Kyle Marisa Roth, Blind Item TikTok Star, Dead at 36

    81-year-old veteran sucker-punched and carjacked by “teen suspects” in Chicago: – Fast clip

    Public Schooling Has Always Been A SCAM, They Are INDOCTRICNATING Students To Leftist GARBAGE

    JD Vance: Ukraine Can’t Win – NO MORE MONEY FOR THEM!

    Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You

    Welcome To The Future, Health Insurance Company Using Artificial Intelligence To Deny Insurance Claims “Just got off the phone with my health insurance and I said Why did you deny my claim? And they said, Sorry. we’re actually using AI now.”  1 min 18 secs – Wall Street Apes

    Fast Clip: Let Ask The Question, “Why is it we see all these investigations into people, but yet we never see an investigation into Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton? List of widely known, easily verifiable shady events: – Bill has multiple credible SA accusations against him with actual… 2 min 55 secs – Wall Street Apes

    Fast 1 min 4 sec clip: You Know It’s Bad When Other Migrants Are Calling Out Illegal Migrants Evil Plans For America Nick Shirley Questions NYC Migrant from Ecuador “This country has now collected all the garbage that comes from other countries”… – Wall Street Apes

    Mike Davis: “No Question” Democrats Are Attempting A Coup D’etat Against President Trump

    Iran Attack On Israel: STOLEN Elections Have Consequences – Dummie Funnies

    Nicole Brown Simpson’s Autopsy Report Has Some Disturbing Details

    Elon Musk makes bold prediction on future of AI

    Woman Who “Stole” Ashley Biden’s Diary Sentenced To 1 Month In Prison, PROOF The Diary Is Real- Tim Pool Vid

    Wow. Bill Maher ADMITS abortion is “murder” and that he is “okay with that.” “I can respect the absolutist position. I really can… They think it’s murder—and it kind of is. I’m just okay with that… – can you believe this person? – Fast clip

    Alvin Bragg’s Star Witness Goes Full Mental Jacket – Dummie Funnies

    ‘Joe Biden is basically a senile vegetable’ ‘The DOJ did and is doing the unthinkable

    What really happened with Dave Chappelle and why he just took off to Africa? Super scary stuff if true…listen to the Roseanne Barr interview with Jim Bruer.

    She came in thinking she was so virtuous Dr. Phil explains to her how equality of outcome and DEI are horrible. 51 sec clip – Whatfinger

    Celebs Hold Nothing Back In Reaction To OJ’s Death

    Bill Maher Shocks Democrats and Calls Out Islamists Chanting ‘Death to America’

    EPIC FAIL! Leftist David Hogg HUMILIATED By Chinese Immigrant

    Star Wars Outlaws DISASTER Gets Worse! They Made Her UGLY On Purpose, Trailer Disliked Into Oblivion

    When I am president, instead of asking you to cram illegal aliens into YOUR homes…

    Did he shit his pants again? Biden and his ‘walk’… fast clip

    Just In: Tucker with Dr. Naomi Wolf on how the media and government scammed Covid

    VIRAL VIDEO – Inflation in Simple “Crayon Eating” Terms

    Big Tech Censorship Continues To Remove Videos Of Illegal Migrants. They’re Taking American Jobs Man notices illegals, that do not speak English working on projects he’s working on… 🤔 – Wall Street Apes

    Tucker: FISA is dead but will return like Herpes. Time to punish those that pushed it

    Big Tech Censorship Continues To Remove Videos Of Illegal Migrants. They’re Taking American Jobs Man notices illegals, that do not speak English working on projects he’s working on… 🤔 – Wall Street Apes

    UPDATE On My Post Yesterday With American Mother Shasty Leah About “54 year old male teacher giving your cell phone number to four sixth graders. Sending them them texts, songs & inappropriate messages”… – Sick people out there – Wall Street Apes

    For Those Who Missed What Recently Happened In The Biden Admin Circus “The Democrats really just brought in a Russian born convicted felon, recently released from prison for fraud, to defend Joe Biden… – Wall Street Apes

    Former FBI Analyst ADMITS FBI Targeted Alex Jones, Had Undercover Agents At J6

    American Cattle Rancher Exposing That Beef Sold In American Grocery Stores Doesn’t Look Like Natural Beef “They pump gases into the packaging that artificially create a red color — the color of the meat doesn’t necessarily indicate it’s fresh”… – Fast clip – Wall Street Apes

    “Fire Their Ass”: Alex Jones On President Trump’s First Action Against The Deep State As President

    “No One Is Coming To SAVE US!” Bannon On How The Next Revolution Will Happen

    Trump’s NEW Abortion Strategy Is GENIUS! Latest polls

    Trump has released his full statement on IVF and abortion.

    Well, well… I guess he can’t deny it anymore, huh? !!!

    A husky was lost in Kamchatka, Russia. They started looking for him and found using a drone. The dog was hanging out with her bear friends and didn’t really plan to go home.

    Fast clip: Interview with 102 year old man born in 1856

    Ted Cruz put smug Bill Maher in HIS PLACE!!

    ‘BIDEN AIN’T DOING S***!’: Black voters eviscerate Biden

    Ben Shapiro And The Daily Wire’s Problems Are Getting Worse

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